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Home Computing Weekly

PC Fuzz
By Anirog
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #96

There are few things more irritating than arcade games which regularly rob you of one of your few lives without giving you a chance to fight back, dodge or whatever.

This is one of those games. Your little policeman, who is rather oddly mounted on a unicycle, has a nasty habit of appearing and immediately being blown up before you've had time to blink. On those occasions when he materialises in an empty space rather than on top of a bomb, your chances of capitalising on this by arresting a few bank robbers seem fairly slim.

The trouble is that your hero's armament consists of nothing more deadly than a truncheon. According to the instructions, which are thoughtfully provided in five different languages, the direction in which this is thrown is controlled by pressing the fire button. In practice it went either forwards or diagonally forwards and upwards, neither of which is much help when a bomb is creeping up behind you.

The graphics are rather nice, but this game is too limited in scope for my liking, besides being impossibly difficult to play.


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