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Home Computing Weekly

Banana Drama
By Visions
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #54

Have you ever fancied running your own country? Well, here's your chance with the added advantage that if you make a mess of it and end up being overthrown in a revolution, you can just wind back the clock and start all over again.

Actually, being overthrown seems to be inevitable in this particular simulation. The challenge is just to see how long you can survive and how much money you can salt away in your Swiss bank account before disaster strikes.

This is a game rather than an authentic simulation; the scenario doesn't bear much resemblance to reality, and nor do the decisions you are asked to make. Your options at each stage are distinctly limited, and there are no opportunities to change your mind.

There are some graphics and rather repetitive sound effects to enliven the proceedings, but I didn't find the game very entertaining. Making selections from a seemingly endless succession of menus, however tastefully decorated they may be, really doesn't offer much in the way of excitement or mental stimulation.


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