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Countries Of The World
By Hewson Consultants
Spectrum 16K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #22

After loading, you are shown a map of the world on the screen with the continents and oceans marked on it. Various options are then open to you.

You can scroll the list of countries available either forwards or backwards, and then select the country of your choice.

This is where the two versions differ. The 16K version will just give you the capital of the country, with a very large flashing cursor which pinpoints the selected country.

The 48K version however will give you the country's capital, national currency, area in square kilometres and languages spoken. This is all displayed in a panel alongside the area of the world where your selection is, again with a large flashing pointer.

With 169 countries listed, this is a very compact world atlas, and for the price quoted, the 48K version is good value - though the 16K version isn't!

This is not a game, but one of the more serious educational projects which are gradually pervading the software market. Well written, and well presented.