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Home Computing Weekly

ZX Reversi
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #64

Alas, poor Reversi, I know it well, even by another name. This well known board game is claimed by the vendors to be the strongest game of Spectrum Reversi on the market.

There is one feature of this version I have never seen before, and that is a system of handicapping by giving or taking any or all of the corners. I'm not sure this is in the rules of the game, but it does make for variety. You may, if you wish, change the colours of the display.

A constant display of scores and history of moves is there on the screen, which is handy. Watching the computer play itself can be fascinating, and you have the option of player versus computer. If you choose to play the computer you will be given a good game at any level, though I suspect that at the higher levels you will be tempted to penalise the computer by giving yourself four corners' start.

Not a bad game, but there is nothing special about this version, certainly not enough to warrant the high price.