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Recording Level Meter ()
By Hilderbay
Spectrum 16K/48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #28

For home computer enthusiasts, an essential part of the set up is a cassette recorder/player to transfer programs to and from the computer.

Unfortunately the quality of signals produced can very tremendously from one instrument to another. This often bears no relationship to the price, and can cause difficulty when loading tapes made on machines other than your own.

Most of the troubles appear to be the actual level of the signal going into the computer. You can of course vary this with the volume control, but there is nothing so frustrating (10 me at least) than fiddling with levels after having so carefully set the volume.

This level can be measured with an ac voltmeter, but even supposing you have one you won't want to commit it to permanent duty as a level meter.

Now Hilderbay has produced a neat meter which can be left permanently in position if so desired. It measures just 3" by 2.75" by 1.25" and is very easy to use.

The first time I used it I managed to load first time two tapes that has been proving very difficult.