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Home Computing Weekly

The Train Game
By Microsphere
Spectrum 16K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #30

The drawing on the front of the inlay card is remniscent of a bygone age. An age when wide-eyed youngsters gazed in awesome wonder at those panting, gleaming monsters, the steam trains. When those same youngsters, and oldsters, could recite every detail about most trains in existence.

Over decades, the same enthusiasm has been carried into thousands of homes in the form of model railway layouts. I am not saying that you need to be an enthusiast to play this game, but if you are not then I am sure that your outlook on railways will change after playing.

There are two track layouts on the tape, which loads first time, and after loading the track of your choice you have to choose your skill level. These range from one to seven with the first six having five sub levels, and the seventh having nine sub levels. The idea of the game is to direct the train(s) to stations by means of switching the points, each set of points identified by a letter. At the stations you score points which vary from level to level, by picking up passengers.

Fun, fun, fun to play, with just two small niggles. One, I found the letters identifying the points difficult to see, and two, all the instructions are on the inlay card, so don't lose it.