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Home Computing Weekly

Print Utilities
By Sinclair Research
Spectrum 16K/48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #48

Although there were no problems with the actual loading of this tape, there was a problem once the tape had loaded.

The message on the screen asked me if there was a printer attached to the computer. On entering "no", the program immediately came to a halt. However, after taking out the offending line, a quick examination of the program showed me where to start again.

Apart from the normal 32 characters per line the utility provides 16, 21 or 42 characters per line, with a choice of normal or double height. Apart from the bug mentioned above, and the fact that the booklet's statements that CHR$ 8 to move a character left, and CHR$ 9 to move a character right are exceptions from the manual, I could find no other bugs.

However, this does not enhance the fact that is not a very useful utility as such, and certainly not worth the price charged. I have seen very similar routines printed in computer magazine.