Home Computing Weekly

By Superior
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #94

There used to be a television programme called Whirly Birds that most of you are too young to remember. The two pilots of the helicopter always did their best to make sure that anyone who needed help got it, usually just in the nick of time.

This program has a similar theme, you have to help homeless people to safely. You do this by landing your helicopter as near to them as possible and transporting them to the red cross post which is your base. They are made homeless by drivers of tanks who seem to take delight in destroying their pleasant, playschool style, homes. You can bomb the tanks, although aiming is difficult, but if you bomb a hostage you lose points, quite right too.

Added to all this there are the auto gyro and the killer satellite but I have to admit that they haven't appeared yet. The scrolling effect is interesting with a multi-plane camera effect but the game is boring after a number of plays.

Graphically good I expected a little more from the writer of Overdrive.


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