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Home Computing Weekly

Atomic Protector
By Optima
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #56

A maze-based game which, while it has a Pacman-like playing area, has little to do with eating dots. In fact, your job is to prevent the dots being eaten, hence the name. The story goes something like this: You (a lonely robot) are in charge of uranium deposits of the secret research establishment which is always being invaded by hostiles.

You have only yourself, used as a battering ram, and a moveable partition with which to defend the ore. Needless to say, this makes life fairly difficult but there are also radioactive distractors who have a limited lifespan and if not caught before it ends will contaminate you leading to a terminal wiring failure.

The packaging claims that the game is "fast and furious" and so it is. Unfortunately, it isn't that interesting after the first couple of sheets because, rather than having changes of aim or even graphics, it simply gets faster to the point where you haven't a chance.

Yes, you might learn to increase your score each time but there is not that addictive something which makes me want to play it again.


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