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By Century City
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #102

This is a great game at a great price. I must confess a weakness for shoot-'em-up alien zappers, though - I've seen so many they're coming out of my ears! [And I thought they were earrings! Ed] But this is super!

A multi-coloured loading screen changes to reveal stars scrolling in the background, whilst you have the option to select Interface II controls, view instructions, hi-score or points table, then on into space. You control your ship in all four directions blasting as you go, taking care to avoid space mines. Your target is a wide variety of alien ships, each in waves. The more waves you down, the trickier they become, and the more points they're worth, 20 waves in all.

What marks this out from other games is the quality of the graphics. The sprites are large, flicker-free, and move with great smoothness. The sound is as good as you'll hear from the Spectrum, and accompanies explosions and zaps on the screen. As each successive wave succumbs to your blaster, the screen whites out and a new wave begins.

Now the best news of all! It's only £1.99! This is as good as games four times the price; the Spectrum hardware is virtually taken to its limit. What more can you ask? Why don't other software houses offer the same value? Buy two copies for your collection if this is the sort of game you like. You won't be disappointed with it.


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