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By The Hit Squad
Amiga 500

Published in Amiga Power #17


The weird thing about this game is that you're attacked in it by the very creatures you're trying to save. They're the 'nightbreed', a race of horrible-looking monsters, and they reward your efforts on their behalf by hitting you, jumping on you, dropping things on you, flying at you and spitting at you. To be fair, they're being persecuted by an evil organisation called The Sons of the Free, but even so, eh?

Other than that, this is a game that's remarkable only in its similarity to every other walking-around-killing-things game there's ever been. Baddies come at you thick and fast - a bit too thick and fast at times, when all you really want to do is have quick explore - and there's plenty of variety in the screens you're given to wander around. But I'd be fibbing if I said it was slick - it actually looks pretty messy, and the animation is well below par.

This is a game you could probably get into if you happened to find yourself with the odd rainy Tuesday afternoon, but it probably wouldn't have much of a role outside that particular afternoon. I really wouldn't bother, to tell the truth.

The Bottom Line

Respectable enough, but nothing actually to recommend it. Apart, possibly, from the exciting thunder and lightning effects.

Jonathan Davies

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