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Published in Amiga Power #9


They don't call me Jonathan 'Short Straw' Davies for nothing. Luckily in this case I think it's merely a case of saying something like: "Bloodwych is virtually identical to Dungeon Master, only with a simultaneous two-player option, and as it got really good reviews as a full-pricer, it's got to be a bit of a star buy at this price."

So, here we go. Bloodwych is virtually identical to Dungeon Master, except two people can play at once, getting half the screen each. That means the graphics are a bit squashed up, but it's corking good fun. Being so similar to Dungeon Master means lots of role-playing, with dungeons to explore, spells to cast, characters to recruit into your party, puzzles to solve, baddies to kill, animated(ish) 3D graphics to goggle at and larks aplenty to be had by all. Although the presentation doesn't exactly sparkle, and some text is a little hard to read at times, everything works as it should. Just as well, as there's an awful lot of it.

Being a role playing game means that a fair degree of concentration and (dare I say) strategy is involved, but, if you're prepared to commit the necessary braincells, there's easily a tenner's worth of entertainment here.

The Bottom Line

FRP at its best (and cheapest). A Class One Bargain (with Honours).

Jonathan Davies

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