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By The Hit Squad
Amiga 500

Published in Amiga Power #17


"Hurrah," I cried, having almost written off this month as another pin in the Jonathan Davies voodoo doll I'm sure the rest of the team keep tucked away in a drawer somewhere. "A good game! And it's all mine!"

As with all decent puzzle games, the principle behind Puzznic is easily explained. The screen is filled with little blocks which hate to be cleared away by putting matching ones next to each other. You can only move blocks left and right - the rest is left to gravity. And that's it.

Again, as will all decent puzzle games, Puzznic is monstrously addictive. The puzzles are ingeniously designed and are real tests of intelligence - there's no luck involved at all, as there is with, say, Tetris. That inevitably meant I was hopeless at it.

The only real problem is that to reach the suicidally difficult later levels you've got to trek through the derisively easy early ones each time. A password system might have been nice. Oh, and the graphics and general presentation aren't much cop - it's all rather dull-looking.

So this is something that really ought to be added to your shopping list. It doesn't have Tetris' unputdownability - indeed, I put it down quite hard a couple of times - but it's a game that'll last you for months and months.

The Bottom Line

One of the world's all-time great puzzle games at a low, low price. Ignore it, and you deserve to have a coloured block dropped on your head. (Mind you, I don't know where they got the alleged quote from Amiga Power which adorns the front of the box!)

Jonathan Davies

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