Amstrad Computer User

Moving Target

Author: Adrian Pumphrey
Publisher: Players Premier
Machine: Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Computer User #61

In this topical romp, you are pitted against evil drug barons with their troops and dogs.

Moving Target

In this topical romp, you are pitted against evil drug barons with their troops and dogs.

As the last surviving member of an elite commando hit squad, it is your task to bravely tread where psychos fear to go. Armed only with a Uzi you brave the terrors of the drug barons with their deadly troops and dogs. These canines wag their tails before ripping at your throat, so have no qualms about filling them with lead.

You must locate and arm the bombs left behind by your recently deceased colleagues in order to rid the world of the South American cocaine menace. To do this you first have to find the bomb and then search out the corresponding detonator.

Moving Target

You will encounter many obstacles during your quest, but few prove as effective as a locked door. Although any key will open a door, these precious items are few and far between; it is often better to explore the landscape to determine a route around a door rather than use a key.

There are seven levels to the Duke's den of iniquity, and as you descend into its murky depths the troops become increasingly hostile. On the early levels they are content just to walk into you but on the deeper levels they develop a taste for shooting at you. A single burst from your Uzi is enough to handle the toughest of guards, but the overfriendly dogs are another matter entirely. A sustained burst deals with the canine menace but if you are trapped in a small area with a dog, some quick and careful manoeuvring is needed to bring your gun to bear. If these were the only hazards you faced you would have little to fear. Unfortunately, however, life is never that simple, and it has a few surprises in store. Leaping from one screen to another with Uzi blazing may look very dramatic but the effect loses. something when you come down in the next screen on top of a land mine.

Further embarrassments can arise when dashing on to a screen only to come face to face with a twin-barrel cannon blasting as if it was the fourth of July. Perhaps the worst of the obstacles and the most apparently innocuous is the barbed wire.

You nearly always hit the wire when you jump over it, and if you are unfortunate enough to land on the wire, you can find yourself trapped, with your life-force draining at an alarming rate. As well as keys, food and extra ammunition can be found en route. Ammunition is vital to the operation of your gun and the food is used to top up your dwindling lifeforce.

For every fifty opponents you kill, you get a choice of extra ammunition, food or a 900-point bonus. The action is fast as the thud-a-thud-a-thud of your Uzi is matched by an endless stream of bad buys. If you can avoid landing on the heads of dogs and mines, you may just live long enough to see how large and colourful this computer world really is.

Adrian Pumphrey

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