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Run The Gauntlet
By Ocean
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Computer User #56

One challenge you dare not miss.

Run The Gauntlet

I hate to start a review with a complaint but I came very close to throwing my CPC out of the window when the game once again presented me with "re-wind tape and press play." I hate multi-load tapes with a passion greater than my love for rum truffles.

Based on the TV series of the same name which terrified parents and thrilled the children, by placing them in charge of some serious horsepower. The computer selects the events randomly in which you are to compete. That is the cause of the multi-load aggravation but at the same time it offers a welcome breath of variety Each leg of the game is split into three sections. After competing in all three sections you receive an overall score; finishing last means you fail to qualify for the next leg.

The events which comprise each leg fall into three categories - the hill, water and off-road courses. The hill is the most joystick-demanding event as you pound your way to victory. This event differs from the others as it takes place without the aid of a vehicle. Your man must wade through water and mud-filled pits, scale nets, balance on logs and generally avoid the myriad obstacles encountered. A good right arm is essential for this event.

The water events take place on a lake. Four types of vehicle are available for this stage - the highly-manoeuvrable jet skies, the agile speedboats, inflatables and the total mayhem of the hovercraft. Luckily, hitting one of the obstacles or course markers is not fatal. Doing so results only in a few seconds of rapid oscillation.

The land equivalent of the water races has an added dimension. Apart from tackling the dirt tracks you must contend with the undulating surface. At high speeds your vehicle launches into space, hopefully landing in time for the next corner. Rather than scroll from track section to section the screen flips from page to page. A map in the top comer of the screen appraises you of the total picture.

Avoiding the many explosions which detonate round you can be a problem at times.

Fortunately, they merely throw your vehicle skywards and rotate you in a random direction. This section of the game would be the best, except for an unfortunate bug. When colliding with the computer-controlled vehicles you spin wildly, often off the track and on to another section at the other side of the course.

Occasionally, but far too frequently, your vehicle will bounce off the track completely finding itself in unexplored areas of your computer memory.

An enjoyable game despite the bug and the multi-load and not so easy as to be beaten at the first attempt - or the twentieth for that matter.

Adrian Pumphrey

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