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Amiga Power

By Powerplus
Amiga 500/600/1200

Published in Amiga Power #48


In many ways Amiga Power can be likened to a B-17. It thunders around the world, bringing devastation upon the unworthy in the name of justice. J Nash spits incomprehensible cartoon references from his position at the tail gun. Cam drops thousands of pounds of lethal games knowledge through the bomb doors. Steve navigates us through the complexities of football management games with his remarkable map-mind. Paul speaks a strange language into the radio set. Sue squats tetchily in the ball turret. And I, of course, sit at the helm, guiding us safely to our ultimate destination, wherever that might be, with a steady nerve and a steady hand.

In B-17 (AP25 83%), however, you must do all these jobs single-handedly, jumping from role to role rather like Alec Guinness in Kind Hearts And Coronets. The computer helps you out, though, looking after everyone apart from whoever you're currently controlling.

The graphics are fantastic - your B-17 really does look like a B-17, complete with propellors that go round, wheels that don't quite retract completely so the tyres stick out a bit, frames around the windows, guns which swivel about, and stars on the wingtips. It taxis onto the runway and then, as it gathers speed, the tail wheel lifts off before the main ones follow a few moments later. And it looks even better just as soon as it's in formation with a couple of others.

Perhaps a lumbering bomber isn't quite as entertaining to fly as a nimble fighter, but B-17 compensates with its tricky crew-juggling and slick, atmosphere-enhancing presentation.

Unquestionably, B-17 is the king of World War 2 bomber simulations, just as Amiga Power is the all-powerful cosmoplast of computer magazines.

The Bottom Line

B-17 may be a little slow on lesser Amigas, but is otherwise a faultless and hugely entertaining simulation of this popular World War 2 strategic bomber.

Jonathan Davies

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