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Golden Eagle
By Loriciel
Amiga 500

Published in Amiga Power #10

Golden Eagle

Regardless of whether or not the world really needs another bloke-walking-round-shooting-things game, Loriciel have faithfully reproduced the movements of a sideways-on bloke as he walks, jumps, ducks, crawls, climbs and fires a gun, and justified their existence as follows: Nahmur, an evil high priest, has captured the Golden Eagle, a powerful magical statuette, from its rightful owners.

Failing to control its powers, and obviously having played this sort of game before, he's broken it into several pieces and scattered them around his city. And it's up to your bloke to collect them all and reassemble them.

He's okay, as blokes go, although he's got an annoying habit of stubbornly seeing through every last frame of his current movement (e.g. a stride forward) before commencing the next, a trait which often gets him in trouble. The real snag is that there's nothing terribly interesting for him to do. There are robots patrolling the corridors which can be shot, after a bit of wrestling with the 'evolutive' controls. And there are the pieces of Eagle to collect, of course. They're locked in safes which need to be cracked. Oh, and there's a version of Reversi you can play if you want, the relevance of which I've yet to fathom.

It was all looking pretty grim until I discovered the fold-out wall chart at the bottom of the box. This comes with a comprehensive set of stickers which you can use to build up a map as you go along. A couple of percent extra for that, then. But, apart from that, it's pretty tricky to find anything to heap praise upon. And not only is Golden Eagle dull to play, but it's also heavily reliant on disk accessing and swapping. It didn't even have the decency to tell me to press Return after changing disks, instead leaving me sitting there like a complete nobwit. I ask you.

The Bottom Line

Uninspired, uninnovative, uninteresting, unaddictive and, above all, un-French.

Jonathan Davies

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