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Sir Fred
By Action 16
Amiga 500

Published in Amiga Power #11

Sir Fred

Despite bringing back fond memories of an identically-named Spectrum game I used to be quite close to, this is actually a re-release of an obscure Ubisoft title in which the eponymous knight is attempting to restore himself to his full height, having been shrunk by an evil dwarf.

And this he does by - oh horrors - walking round killing things. (Surely there are other ways to get through life?). He doesn't even do it terribly well, hampered by a lumpish gait and a tendency to respond to your joystick commands just too late to avoid getting killed. It's very crude, and perhaps rather Spectrummy after all.

But happily, the game is redeemed (at least in part) by its unmistakably French humour, which pervades everything from the intro sequence to the little gnomes who run up to you, pull a face and fire their catapults before running off again. Blink and you'll miss most of it (except, possibly, for Sir Fred's prolonged histrionics upon getting killed).

Despite being to all intents and purposes a bit crap, Sir Fred's a game that's impossible to hate and might conceivably just be worth buying.

The Bottom Line

A non-event as far as the Amiga's concerned, but curiously likeable anyway.

Jonathan Davies

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