Home Computing Weekly


Author: D.N.
Publisher: Sinclair Research
Machine: Spectrum 16K/48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #14

Vu-File for the ZX Spectrum has been on the market for several months. In that time it has deservedly remained one of the best-selling "serious" programs for home computers, offering a range of features that are matched by only a few, more expensive rivals.

With Vu-File you not only can select the number of data fields required for your application, but can format the screen arrangement of the display of these fields in any way desired, and in any colour. Separate formatting of the printer output is also available.

All the usual features are present: add, delete, amend records, list, sort and search (sort and search work on any field), and save data on tape. There is also an inform mode, which aids file management. The machine-coded program gives a rapid response to all facilities.

On side B of the cassette is an example file called Gazetteer. This contains records of all European countries (16K) or all countries of the world (48K), providing a wealth of information for geography classes, and a demonstration of the power of this database program.

Another important feature is its availability through national retail outlets; no need for that frustrating wait when ordering by post.


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