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By Commodore
Commodore Vic 20

Published in Home Computing Weekly #54

If during my teaching practice, while training or any time I have been teaching since I had produced visual aids for my classroom of the same standard as these programs, I would have failed instantly. The set consists of two tapes, and instruction books, and a range of topics. On the first tape the programs cover everyday objects, the parts of the body, types of building, etc.

A labelled picture is shown to the child and he or she is asked to look and learn the spellings. After this, one word at a time is removed and the child is asked to re-insert it. A tone tells you if the spelling is correct. At the end of each group a score is given along with a revision list. The aim is to increase the child's vocabulary, improve spelling and increase confidence in reading.

While the idea is good, the overall quality of the program is rather cheap and nasty. The graphics were crude and poorly presented. A competent programmer would have developed high resolution plotting routines to give a wide range of quality graphics. Rather tatty, compared to the material available on other machines.

Part of the Teach and Test Series for ages five to eight.