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Brain Pain
By Micro Antics
Commodore Vic 20

Published in Home Computing Weekly #54

To be able to read this review, you will have over many years seen and remembered the words used. Memory forms an important part of reading and this game demonstrates a well used method for stimulating the recollection process.

The game is called Brain Pain, supposedly because the thought generated while playing could cause headaches. It is, in effect, a simulation of the old game of Pelmanism or pairs.

The screen is divided into 35 squares. Using a joystick or keyboard you move about exposing the designs behind the squares and finding the matched pairs. Up to five can play at a time - a strong point in favour of the game. The positions of the designs are different for each game.

In addition to the basic game, there is a facility provided with which the user can change the design and colours of the pictures used in the game. This helps to maintain the interest of the game.

If there is a shortcoming in the program, it is that there is no very easy level for young players who would find it difficult to memorise the position of 17 pairs.

Overall, a sound old favourite which offers good value.