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Home Computing Weekly

The Alphabet
By Commodore
Commodore Vic 20

Published in Home Computing Weekly #53

To be able to teach the five to eight year olds successfully, you have to catch their attention and hold it long enough for them to learn.

The aim of this package, part of Commodore's Teach and Test Series, is to familiarise children with letters of the alphabet. There are two cassettes containing six programs and a booklet of instructions and a record sheet. The programs start with letter recognition and progress to test letter and sound recognition.

To be able to recognise the letters and their sound children must hear them. As the program does not use voice synthesis this cannot be done adequately. However this is so easily taught by a mother with some paper, a pencil and assorted pictures that any computer program would need to be extra special to be worthwhile.

Its poor animation, lack of sound and use of upper case characters detracted from its value. To make the package worth buying it really needs some attractive animation, and the use of sound and voice synthesis.

Overall, a very disappointing product. Needs 16K expansion.