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Home Computing Weekly

Arithmetic 2
By Commodore
Commodore Vic 20

Published in Home Computing Weekly #54

One tape consists of two programs, the first teaching the numbers to 20 by placing a number on the screen. The child, aged five to eight, has to use the keyboard to copy the number. If the number is correct, the machine shows the corresponding number of cars on the screen. The second program tests what has been learned by putting random numbers of objects on the screen for couting. After basic counting, the machine deals with counting in twos, threes and fours using rather uninspired graphics.

On the second tape, programs three and four deal with multiplication and division. The test parts of these programs are in the form of games (Eat the Cake, Catch the Kite). My daughter, who has difficulty with numbers, asked when she would be doing multiplication after playing Catch the Kite - this must be an advantage in any arithmetic program. The division program has the same format.

Overall, a useful but uninspired package. Part of the Teach And Test Series.