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Thunder Zone
By Firebird
Amstrad CPC464/664/6128

Published in Amstrad Action #21

Thunder Zone

A shoot-'em-up which has plenty of aliens whizzing across the screen but it suffers because they're difficult to hit. Shoot-'em-up fans will find it frustrating and awkward controls don't help.


Graphics 46%
P. Lots of pretty aliens scroll smoothly through the view.
N. That's all that you see.

Sonics 33%
N. Not much except some sound-effects.

Grab Factor 30%
P. Several different icons and skills...
N. ...which don't give the game much depth.

Staying Power 34%
N. If there is something more interesting to find, it eluded me.

Overall 35%
Cheap doesn't always mean good value.

Bob Wade

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