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Amstrad Action

By Melbourne House
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #23


Here we have two ripped-off ideas in one game. The title is obviously trying to steal Star Trek's thunder, while the game is an unmistakable Elite derivative. Trying to match a game of Elite's calibre is brave. If you succeed you'll have a number-one hit, but if you fail you'll get heavily criticised for producing a rip-off.

You're promised 5.2 billion planets to visit, which is all very well but they're practically all the same! You begin the game orbiting one of them. You can enter the atmosphere to land. Alternatively you can accelerate off into space or hyperspace to another planet.

Before landing on a planet you need to get some cargo to trade with. This seems to float randomly about in space, and you collect it just by flying near. The only other thing you'll encounter is police ships. There's no laser or shoot-'em-up element which will disappoint many Elite fans.

When touching down on a planet you have to fly the ship onto a landing strip, just like an ordinary flight simulator. On the ground the trading begins. An alien appears and starts rabbiting away. You have to try to sweet-talk him and then transact money-making deals on your cargo.

Services are available on the planets for repairing and refuelling the ship. For the most part the inhabitants are unhelpful and uninformative, sometimes making no sense whatever.

I quite liked Enterprise but it's too rough around the edges to be particularly enjoyable. The conversations don't develop enough for them to be worth including: you need either a lot more complication or a more structured procedure to follow. I found it all got quickly repetitive and lacked anything to get your adrenalin going.

Second Opinion

There are millions of planets to explore. However, they all seem very similar. The graphics are good, the alien face hilarious to watch - and his blabbenngs are even better. But there's not enough originality to make it a winner.

Green Screen View


First Day Target Score

Find and trade cargo.


Graphics 59%
P. Nicely animated alien face.
P. Good spinning cargo in space.

Sonics 29%
N. Intensely annoying continuous beeping.

Grab Factor 64%
P. Conversations will interest you.
N. Hard getting anything done at first.

Staying Power 54%
P. 5.2 billion planets to visit.
N. You'll have seen it all after two.

Overall 57%
Nice idea but rapidly becomes boring.

Bob Wade

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