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Ghost Hunters
By Codemasters
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #21

Ghost Hunters

By the same authors as Super Robin Hood this arcade adventure is similar in many respects. It has an interesting two-player feature, player two controlling a gun to help player one. Not as playable as Super Robin Hood but still good value.


Graphics 68%
P. Attractively designed and detailed screens.
P. Characters are well animated.

Sonics 75%
P. Good tunes and speech synthesis as well.

Grab Factor 60%
P. Separate shooting cursor is novel.
N. Too difficult at the start.

Staying Power 71%
P. Mansion is complicated with lots to explore and find.

Overall 68%
P. A good follow-up to Super Robin Hood, but not as playable.

Bob Wade

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