Home Computing Weekly

Space Joust

Author: A.W.
Publisher: Software Projects
Machine: Commodore Vic 20

Published in Home Computing Weekly #67

From the cassette design, I thought this game would involve space-age knights in armour. However, although nicely drawn, the design is totally misleading. Tut tut!

Imagine you control an egg-shaped spaceship which bounces up and down. The opposition is craft of identical design. Coincidentally, both sets of vehicles are indestructible except by attack from above. The idea is to bounce on top of the enemy before it bounces on you. If you destroy an alien, it changes into a pod which reverts to its original form if you don't jump on it first. As in all games of this genre, you have to survive as many waves of aliens as possible...

For some reason, the programmer has only included a joystick option, so if you don't have a joystick, forget it.

The graphics and sound in this game are well above average and movement is smooth and fast. So, I have mixed feelings over this game. Whilst it is nicely written and quite testing, it is also utterly boring.

Whilst it's not my cup of tea, I am quite sure that many lovers of alien destruction will enjoy it.


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