Home Computing Weekly

Mind Twisters

Author: A.W.
Publisher: Romik
Machine: Commodore Vic 20

Published in Home Computing Weekly #8

This is a compendium of four games, three well known, one a little more original: Mastermind (alias Decipher), Connect 4 (alias Four Thought), Blackjack and Teaser.

The review tape could have been substandard since loading was difficult and Mastermind was unloadable. However, the three games I did manage to run were well written with adequate graphics. Connect 4 played a particularly good game, even though it was a little slow.

Teaser was an odd one. You are presented with the numbers 1 to 9 and you take turns to take numbers. The winner is the first player to reach a total of 15 with three of his numbers. I found it easy to draw with the computer, but impossible to win.

Blackjack played British "pontoon" rules. I did feel that the graphics were a little weak, but you can't expect much in an unexpanded VIC.

Assuming that Mastermind was up to the same standard, this is a reasonable collection of old favourites. VIC owners who are fed up with Space invaders could do worse than consider this package which is good value for the price.


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