Home Computing Weekly


Author: A.W.
Publisher: Anirog
Machine: Commodore Vic 20

Published in Home Computing Weekly #64

This is a really outstanding game.

The scenario is not new and is based on the ladder and platform concept. Where it wins is in graphics, execution and addictiveness.

The hero, under your control, is a supermouse called Bongo (it actually looks like a puppy but who cares?). You must collect diamonds distributed around the platforms so that you canwin the heart of the princess. The platforms are linked by ladders, trampolines, slides and teleporters.


The platforms are also occupied by mean-looking rats who, if they catch you, will dump you in the river at the bottom of the screen. Clear the screen and you go on to the next one. You can pick up bonus points by catching letters floating about the screen.

Graphically the game is probably nearly as good as is possible on the Vic. An expanded screen is used and the characters are animated pseudo-sprites built up from several redefined characters. The animation is very nice and smooth. The sound is poor but the graphics save the day.

Overall, a beauty of a tricky game. The rats are particularly crafty and tough to avoid.


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