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Sheep In Space
By Llamasoft
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #68

This must be the largest load of sheep dip Llamasoft has produced so far.

The game involves flying a sheepoid through space and firing at objects flying towards you. To survive you must keep your stomach full, although if you eat too much you will explode.

To eat something you may either collide with floating blobs or land on the grass and have a feast. If you move too close to the surface when landing you will die. This makes landing quite hard. A point to remember is that flying through space is faster than walking on the planet surface.

Sheep In Space is recorded in turbo format to make loading quite fast. No extra hardware is needed to utilize this.

The instructions are very well written and explain very fully all the various screen areas and functions.

This game has absolutely no appeal for me. It is an adaptation of Scramble and Defender minus their good points. Perhaps Jeff Minter should pull his socks up and produce quality and not quantity.