Home Computing Weekly

By Synsoft
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #103

This game is essentially Star Trek but offers furious action, brilliant graphics and sound effects.

You are tasked with protecting the planet Jaraloba from the attacks of the enemy forces of Gorganitor. To this end, you patrol an area of space destroying a number of different types of enemy ships and their Base Stars. Throughout the game, you must nurture your ship's resources and return to your home bases for repair and refuelling.

The display gives you the view through the front scanner of your ship. A superb feeling of forward motion is given by the stars and other objects as they zip towards you. The top of the screen gives a constant record of the ship's status. You can review the status of the universe by displaying a Stellar Grid. This gives the current distribution of enemy ships in each quadrant. You also use this grid to move to a specified area.


Combat is depicted by the view of enemy ships coming towards you. You have a set of cross hairs to aim your weapons. The different types of enemy use different tactics and are quite hard to shoot.

There are many other interesting features which I will leave for you to discover. The strength of this game is its excellent use of sound and graphics - not just in odd areas, but throughout the game.

Overall, this is a brilliant game which is absorbing, tough and addictive. At the price, excellent value.


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