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Home Computing Weekly

Nato Commander
By Microprose
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #104

In this war game, you play the part of a Nato commander tasked with repelling the invading Warsaw Pact Forces - Russian, East German Czech, Polish and Hungarian:

To perform this task you have access to British, American, West German, Dutch and Belgian forces. All forces are divided into the usual groups such as armour, mechanised infantry, airborne, nuclear units etc.

The actual play is fairly straight forward. You are given a map of Europe showing the development of forces. The map, being larger than the monitor screen, scrolls when necessary. Using a square cursor, you instruct units to move and attack the enemy. The game is played in accelerated real time with the time and data displayed on the screen. Periodic bits of information appear on the screen and can be used to determine your strategy.

Four scenarios are available involving different attack threats and patterns. The final result of the game is a combination of loss of material, positional considerations and political points. Political points vary depending on how the campaign was conducted, whether conventional, ·chemical or nuclear weapons were used.

The use of graphics and sound are effective and the game played smoothly with no significant bugs, although there were some aspects which didn't perform as described in the instructions. On the whole this is a tough game which takes effort to master and will probably appeal to the enthusiast. At the price the game is a little expensive but is still reasonable value for money.


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