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Tir Na Nog
By Gargoyle Games
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #106

This game, up to now available on the Spectrum only, has now been converted for the C64. Whilst I have only seen static pictures of the original, this appears graphically to be a faithful reproduction. To use current jargon, this graphical adventure is a sort of computer movie. You play the role of the hero Cochulainn who is searching for the fragments of the seal of Calum.

To fulfil this quest you must search a huge area of land containing a number of different scenarios and problems. The size of the area is formidable and will take many hours to explore. From time to time objects and other characters are encountered, each having a role in the game.

On screen you have a constant view of our hero and his immediate surroundings. Pressing the relevant button moves him left or right with the background scrolling accordingly. Movement in the four cardinal directions is facilitated by altering the "camera" angle.

The strong point of this game is the animation of all characters. The main figure is huge and movement is intricate. The other characters are equally well drawn. Overall, the graphics are of the highest standard.

Overall this is a highly testing game which is a delight to play. The vastness and complexity of the scenario is sufficient to ensure that you don't become bored. The accompanying instructions are detailed and supplement the game well. At the price - the same as the Spectrum version - it's destined to be a winner.


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