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Home Computing Weekly

Sprite Machine
By Anirog
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #108

This Norwegian package is intended to provide a versatile system for the creation and manipulation of sprites.

The program Turbo LOADs and on running gives the usual editing screen. The majority of the screen is taken up by a giant editing area. The remainder gives the colours in use and a life size representation of the sprite currently under definition. By moving a cursor around the editing area, you can draw your sprite. By pressing M the system toggles into multicolour mode. The logic of the software takes care of the handling of colours in this mode and makes life quite simple'.

A wide range of commands are provided covering the scrolling, flipping and reversing of the design. By use of one key commands you can step through the sprite designs and copy designs. The package claims to support up to 336 designs, which should be enough for anyone. Once you've completed your designs, they can be saved as a data block, or converted to DATA statements.

To simplify the creation of animated sequences, you can step through a specified sequence of designs at the speed of your choice. If you want to create complex multi-coloured designs or use fancy graphical tricks, there is an overlay mode. This allows you to superimpose all eight sprites on the same spot.

Overall this is a well-designed package which simplifies a tedious job well. A character design would have been a useful addition but the package does stand well as it is.


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