Home Computing Weekly


Author: K.I.
Publisher: Budgie
Machine: Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #130

It's been quite some time since I have had an excellent game to review that also sells at a very reasonable price. This shootem-up space game should get quite high up in the software charts in the near future if it gets the success that it deserves.

The object of the game is to defend your power rail that runs along the planet surface; you control a space ship that flies above this. Using a limited amount of energy you must kill as many aliens as possible before you get vaporized or the planet gets destroyed.

The screen scrolls sideways in the direction that you are moving and displays some very interesting graphics (Jeff Minter eat your heart out). A nice feature is the inertia that is used in the movements.

I found that the game is loosely based on a similar arcade machine called Defender. Raskel is certainly as addictive and contains graphics and sound of an equal quality. The instructions are good and simple, a lot of the game you will have to work out for yourself. A joystick will be needed to play in conjunction with the keyboard. 1 found that a Quickshot II worked well - fast reactions are needed.

The main menu page could do with tidying up but the playing screen and instructions pages are up to a good standard, even though the instructions do not appear for long enough to let you read them.


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