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Thing On A Spring
By Gremlin
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #123

This is one of those games that are so addictive you cannot resist playing. On loading a nicely animated title page is displayed with a rather catchy tune playing in the background. You may start the game from here and use either the keyboard or the joysticks to play - the keys being totally user definable. There is also an option that will let you turn off/on the music and keep the special effects that are used in the game.

Your objective is to move Thing On A String through the factories and collect the nine pieces of a jigsaw. In the factories there are sinking floors, lifts, slides, etc. Wandering around are various strange objects that will drain your oil at a rapid rate. If your oil level gets too low then your spring will seize up and the game will inevitably end.

Between the screens there is a network of tunnels through which you must pass, in these you will find more oil draining creatures and obstacles in your way. At this stage you may also look at the jigsaw that you have so far completed.

The graphics are of an excellent quality; smooth scrolling, bright colours and imaginative designs have been used. To add variety to the game each screen contains different colours, designs and shapes each time you play.

Unfortunately the instructions are rather brief and lacking in detail. Apart from this it is an excellent game that I would strongly recommend.