Amstrad Action

Pro Ski Simulator

Author: Gary Barrett
Publisher: Codemasters
Machine: Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #27

Pro Ski Simulator

Last month we had a water skiing simulation and now you can do your best to break the other leg as you ski down the snow-covered slopes of the Alps.

It's brought to you courtesy of the Oliver twins, programmers of games like Super Robin Hood and Grand Prix Simulator. Two people can compete against each other at the same time or you can compete against the computer.

The screen is split into three areas. The top of the screen shows time elapsed during the race. Each race must be done within a time limit. 60 seconds on the first race and the time limit decreases after every race. The right hand side of the screen shows a radar map of the course with markers indicating the position of the two skiers. The rest of the screen shows the playing area which scrolls downwards.

Advanced Ski Simulator

The screen scrolls continuously and if you are too slow in your descent of the mountain then you will disappear out of camera shot You will then have to find your way to the bottom of the mountain using the radar screen - a nigh impossible task.

There are seven courses of increasing difficulty for you to complete. Each course is made up of six gates and a finishing line. If you fail to pass through each of the gates and the finishing line within the time limit then you will be disqualified and the game ends.

Digitised speech is included in the game and this occurs at the start of each race. A tune plays on the title screen and there are some simple spot effects in the game. Colour is used well although there is not much colour really.

Advanced Ski Simulator

At first, this game is very difficult to play, but once you have sorted out how to control the skier properly it gets much easier. The two player option makes it fun to compete against your friends. The most annoying feature is that you often end up being out of camera shot and as a result you give up frustrated.

First Day Target Score

Complete four courses.

Second Opinion

Codemasters have got skilled at producing these "simulator" games. They're playable, challenging, cheap and you're unlikely to feel disappointed having bought one. The trouble from my point of view is that it's not actually doing anything new. I hope that now they are well established that new and original games will start being produced. However, you can't argue with this one - it's good value.

Green Screen View

Advanced Ski Simulator

Perfectly playable.

The Verdict

Graphics 68%
P. Smooth vertical scrolling.
P. Small stickmen skiers.

Sonics 76%
P. Digitised speech.
P. Good title tune.

Grab Factor 74%
P. Great fun once you get into it.
N. A little difficult at first.

Staying Power 65%
P. Seven increasingly difficult courses to complete.
N. Disappearing out of camera shot is annoying.

Overall 73%
P. A great little skiing game.

Gary Barrett

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