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Sun Star
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #25

Sun Star

Sun Star is a very boring space game with little action and mostly block graphics. But don't let me decide for you. Read on, McDuff...

The Xxarion Star Corporation placed its first solar energy grid in orbit around the sun. The grid uses the sun's energy to form crystals which allow interstellar travel at light speed. There are now sixteen of these energy grids orbitting the suns of the universe. Your job is to recover as many of the crystals as you can. Obviously a tough task which will need almost superhuman strength and powers of concentration.

The screen is split into two halves. The top half shows you the view from the front of your ship, the bottom half shows you your energy levels and the number of crystals collected.

Sun Star

The view is of a perspective grid, with the squares filled in in different colours. A blue colour indicates a grid wall, a yellow square indicates an obstruction, and a red one indicates an energy pulse. All of which must be avoided. A white square is a disrupter pulse which you must shoot at until it disappears, leaving a green crystal square behind it. There are four of these disrupter pulses to shoot. Once you have collected ten crystals, you must find the orange hyperwarp cell.

If you are still interested, I think this game is boring beyond the line of duty. The speed of movement is fast but the control of the ship is very confusing. The sound? What? Had I not been cajoled into it, I wouldn't have passed the grab factor stage on this one. Extremely disappointing.

Second Opinion

There was a good idea tor a game here but the uninspiring presentation and awkward controls result in it being less than fascinating. If a more complicated strategy element had been built in, it might have worked... but as a straight up arcade game it doesn't. Back to the drawing board for this one methinks.

Green Screen View

Sun Star

Colours are distinguishable but not easily.

First Day Target Score



Graphics 44%
P. Quite colourful.
N. Reminds me of Connect Four on a slant.

Sonics 37%
N. Say what?

Grab Factor 27%
P. Lots of areas to play in.
N. The controls confuse you a lot.

Staying Power 22%
N. No more than a space dodgems game
N. No variation in the action.

Overall 27%
An idea that didn't work.

Gary Barrett

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