Penguin Land

Author: Keith Campbell
Publisher: Sega
Machine: Sega Master System (EU Version)

Published in Computer & Video Games #84

Penguin Land

Boulderdash is a classic arcade type puzzle, and Penguin Land is a cute interpretation of the original. You have to rescue your eggs.

The game comes on a one megabit cart and is due for release in September.

On game start there is the option to play any of the first thirty levels (there are fifty over all). If you reach leel thirty, the back twenty levels can then be chosen. There is also an editor facility where you can design *and save* up to fifteen levels of your own choice (fun, fun, fun!).

Penguin Land

To get your egg to safety you have to go down a vertically scrolling screen using your nose to break up the horizontal platforms, thus allowing the egg to fall to the next level down, if the fall is too high it will crack and you have to start over.

On the way down there are polar bears which just love to test your molar strength (a smack in the mouth) and they will crush your egg given half a chance - so do not give them one. If you get into trouble and lose track of where you are there is a pause facility where you can view the play area by scrolling the screen up and down (very useful).

Cutesy games rarely hit the spot in the UK, although they are popular in Japan. Penguin Land is a game with cute graphics, tunes and almost fiendishly subtle puzzles to solve.

Keith Campbell

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