Maze Hunter 3D

Author: Keith Campbell
Publisher: Sega
Machine: Sega Master System (EU Version)

Published in Computer & Video Games #84

Maze Hunter 3D

Yet another good reason to go and get some 3D specs!

This rates alongside Harrier 3D for the strength of the 3D perspective, it works very well without any reservations. You have to battle your way through a labyrinth which is made up of five areas (Metal, Rugged, Jungle, Ice and Blaze) with each area having four levels and three sub-levels. To get from one area to the next you have to collect a key.

The areas are inhabited by the likes of rolling dice (well, that's what they look like), twirling cherries, hefty thugs, rotating blue boulders and numerous other brutes. Contact is fatal and you lose one of your three lives. To help you, there are random power-ups strewn around, these can give you high jumps to leap over enemies around you, and metal bars to clobber the opposition.

The graphics are pin sharp and crisply coloured and these factors enhance the 3D effect considerably. The screen scrolls around you and the gameplay is quite sedate. The real problem with Hunter 3D is that the play is quite repetitive, so although it is luscious to the eye it does not get the heart beating wildly.

Keith Campbell

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