Aztec Adventure

Author: Keith Campbell
Publisher: Sega
Machine: Sega Master System (EU Version)

Published in Computer & Video Games #84

Aztec Adventure

For those of you hankering after more Fantasy Zone, Aztec Adventure is very much in the same mould and has a similar feel and look to it.

It is a one megabit cart (128K) and is a one player game. The scenario has you in a fierce labyrinth (?) searching for the long lost Aztec paradise. There are ten rounds and eleven stages to conquer.

You take the role of Nino and you can pick up some defensive help along the way by buying the aid of sword, carrying ducks and discretely dressed rabbits (kinda cute). These characters follow you around and they are a good block if a nasty heads your way.

Aztec Adventure: The Golden Road To Paradise

The nasties come in all shapes and sizes; bug eyed frogs, leaping toadies, demonic cats, rotating blobs with antlers, pod-spitting plants and nasty bugs ease out of the earth to swallow you up! You can use your sword to kill them (they can leave various weapons when killed) or simply run around them.

To help you, there are five types of weapons: money, bombs, homing missiles, four way fire and mystery. These all start out at zero, and the more enemies killed the more you can fill them up, the weapons left are random.

Gameplay seems a bit slow at first, and to progress you have to go for it and hammer most things within reach. The screen scrolls when you hit the sides of the screen and you have to be prepared for just about anything to hit you when the next scene scrolls down. The graphics are nice and detailed and it really has an Aztec feel to it, the tunes are straight out of Fantasy Zone and enhance an already well weird game.

Keith Campbell

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