Personal Compuer Games

Nifty Lifty
By Visions
BBC Model A & B

Published in Personal Computer Games #9

Nifty Lifty

The first thing you notice about Nifty Lifty is that there are only two control keys. Z and X for left and right. Don't let this put you off - this may be a very simple game, but it's also good fun.

The display shows a series of platforms connected by a lift. On each platform is a collection of objects, ranging from telephones to bags of gold. The idea of the game is to travel from the bottom of the screen to the top, collecting the objects.

You rush along the platforms, and each time you reach the end of one you move up a little staircase on to the next one. Aha! What about the lift? Why not use the lift? The answer is simple - if you so much as brush against the lift as it slides up and down the screen, you lose a life.

Nifty Lifty

Sounds easy, doesn't it? But how about dodging ten lifts, all travelling in different directions, with scarcely a centimetre between them to take shelter in...? That's what you'll find yourself copying with at the higher levels - and there are fifteen of them, which should keep anyone on the hop.

Nifty Lifty plays to some rather loud and annoying music, but you can choose silence if you prefer. You start each new screen with the opportunity of acquiring bonus points for completing it in double-quick time and the challenge of dodging yet more lifts as you rush from side-to-side along each floor.

Nifty Lifty does look a bit too simple-minded at first glance, but it's colourful and compulsive and had me playing for longer than I'd ever expected. Worth a try if you're tired of killing all those innocent aliens.


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