Personal Compuer Games

By Softspot
BBC Model B

Published in Personal Computer Games #4


Heist has two copyright notices on the cassette slip and another warning that flashes on to the screen when you load the game. Softspot are obviously concerned about people robbing the bank, which is what this program is all about!

When they built this particular bank they forgot about putting in the stairs, so the floors are joined by ladders. You control a little man whose task is to run up and down the ladders collecting bags of cash before the burglars can get their hands on him. The little chap can't manage more than one bag at a time, so as soon as he's gut one he has to nip downstairs and pop it in the safe.

To help him fight off the burglars, there are a couple of hammers which can be picked up and used to smite the ungodly. Once he's got all the bags stashed away, the screen clears, and then prints up the word 'Hallelujah'.


The little chap then has a quick social with one of the burglars and then it's off to the next screen, with the same objective.

The burglars are very intelligent at the higher levels. Every so often they plant a bomb at the top of the screen which you must reach before it explodes.

Heist is not a bad game at all. And you don't have to rob the bank to pay for it, either.


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