Personal Compuer Games

Sea Lord
By Bug Byte
BBC Model B

Published in Personal Computer Games #3

Sea Lord

In this game you are the commander of a mini-sub, out to do battle with the various malevolent representatives of the "Sea Lord".

You can roam at will through the wavy blue lines which are meant to represent the sea - and you have to avoid the randomly placed rectangles - which apparently are meant to represent the rocks.

The action takes place at a sedate pace, entirely befitting underwater exploration but not at all suitable in an arcade game.

Sea Lord

Sound is adequate but uninspired - surely a lost opportunity, given the possibilities of the Beeb and the almost symphonic performance that take place beneath the surface of the sea in real life.

Since your ship is constantly moving, the only keys you need are the TAB key and the 'Q' key, which rotate you left and right respectively.

Your mini-sub will move and fire in the direction it is pointing, but since movement is possible in only eight directions, you have to spend a lot of time shunting backwards and forwards to get into a position for accurate fire.

Unfortunately, Sea Lord does no provide sufficient incentive for this challenge to be undertaken.


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