Personal Compuer Games

Eagle's Wing
By Software Invasion
BBC Model B

Published in Personal Computer Games #8

Eagle's Wing

Eagles Wing gives you a scrolling aerial view of a river above which you tly in your strike plane, Scramble fashion.

Enemy gun emplacements, dams, patrol ships, planes, and missile bases all appear on the screen. You must destroy them using missiles, or shells from your cannons.

In play, the main problem is in getting used to firing controls. There are no less than three different buttons to press, depending on what you want to hit. Missiles will destroy ships, shells will destroy most other things, but if you want to hit an enemy plane then you have to use the button for air-to-air cannon fire. All rather confusing when you're under attack.

Eagle's Wing

Other controls include accelerate/decelerate, sound on/off, and 'escape' to quit the game. There is a demo mode at the beginning which you can skip if you want to.

As the game progresses. a status display at the top of the screen tells you your score and how much ammunition and fuel you have left. Damage inflicted by the enemy is also indicated, and once you have amassed 99 damage points your plane explodes.

The game also finishes if you fly into the walls of the canyon that borders the river. Running out of fuel is fatal as well, and in Eagles Wing the only way to get a refill is to score 10,000 points, whereupon another plane edges towards you.

Dock with it and you can refuel your tanks. You get a chance to redock every 10,000 points for the first 100,000 points, and every 20,000 after that.

Eagles Wing is eminently playable but don't expect any surprises.


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