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Multisound Synthesizer
By Romik
Commodore 64

Published in Zzap #1

Multisound Synthesizer

Not a very friendly sight greets a user when this music program loads. You are instantly presented with a cluttered screen, and this is terribly off-putting for anyone.

The instructions say that a 'rudimentary knowledge of the Physics of sound is helpful'. I reckon a BSc might be more appropriate!

Firstly you have to select the actual voice you'd like to play. This is done by switching all the various options given on the title screen. Everything is set at zero, so you have a lot to experiment with before you can accurately define the sounds you'd like to play.

Wave formations can be chosen, and then you can change to the next screen, which is even more complicated and deals with the wave formation and sound in more detail.

Once your sound is defined you can switch to play mode. Here the computer keyboard acts as a musical one. On-screen there is a representation of a musical keyboard. Press a key and a dot will light up on the corresponding note. Once you have sorted which key plays each note you can start playing. There are eight octaves selectable so a whole musical feature is playable.

Other features include a type of composed, loading and saving new sound creations. This includes eight drum routines to play along to.

Although being a competent synthesizer, and being able to actually play a tune, this one suffers from overcomplexity and difficult keys to remember when actually playing a tune.

Julian Rignall

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