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Dancing Feats
By Artic Computing
Commodore 64

Published in Zzap #1

Dancing Feats

This, the cheapest music maker available for the C64, isn't much of a music maker at all, but for someone who has no musical experience, it's great. Don't worry about setting up notes, noises or complex beats, just load, select a rhythm from jazz to rock, start and move the joystick back and forth.

OK, so it doesn't sound brilliant but with a little bit of practice some quite good, jazzy tunes can be created. Moving the joystick back and forth quickly results in lots of notes being played over two octaves. Keep the joystick tugged left and a lower octave will be played.

Each note played is represented by a coloured bar rising from the bottom of the screen which grows and then shrinks as the sound diminishes, giving an aesthetic picture as well as making a tune. One nice feature is a record-as-you-play facility.

With the many varied beats and sounds to choose from and the total non-existence of pre-programming this program is great value for anyone who wants to make simple music simply.

Julian Rignall

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