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By Encore
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2

Published in Computer & Video Games #97


Jump on your BMX bike and pedal up the street on your week-long paper round, avoiding hazards including burglars, drunks, stray dogs, radio-controlled cars, speeding traffic and rollaway spare tyres. Each of your subscribers must have their paper delivered - if they don't get it, they'll stop their order.

Annoy non-subscribers (and receive valuable bonus points) for smashing their windows and garden ornaments with a deftly-hurled newspaper. At the end of each diagonally-scrolling street is a BMX stunt course where you can rack up the points by throwing spare newspapers at the path-side targets. Don't worry if you run out of papers though; extra bundles are available at regular intervals.

We loved Paperboy when it hit the arcades; we were marginally impressed when the computer game arrived and now we're jumping for joy at its new 1.99 price tag. As playable as ever with clear, albeit monochrome, graphics and currate gameplay, if you missed the game first time round, snap it up now - you never know, it may even improve your paper-chucking skills!



Paperboy on the C64 wasn't the best conversion in the world first time around and, unlike a good Xmas pud, it hasn't improved with age. sprites are blocky and ill-proportioned, in-game music is more of a whine than a tune and the odd bug rears its ugly head.

Suitable fodder for confirmed Paperboy junkies only.


As enjoyable as it was when it first hit the streets, and at £1.99, it should warm your heart after you've finished a cold paper round.

Julian Rignall

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