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Soldier Of Light
Spectrum 48K

Published in Computer & Video Games #97

Soldier Of Light

Re-released on The Edge's new budget label, Soldier Of Light is the computer version of the cult Taito coin-op, originally called Xain'd Sleena. Working for the Federation you, as Stormtrooper Xain, must act on the orders of Galactic High Command and rid the galaxy of a troupe of rampaging alien types.

Each planet must be tackled one at a time and, with only a single-shot laser cannon for protection, you have a tough task on your hands. Collecting strategically placed weapon pods boosts your firepower, making life somewhat easier the further you go. Once a planet is cleared of enemies the action switches to an intergalactic dogfight as you, in your fighter ship, fly to the next area.

While the game itself is an enjoyable arcade romp with lots going on. Soldier Of Light only vaguely resembles the original arcade machine in presentation. No more than average aesthetically, it's best to think of Soldier Of Light as one of the better budget games around, as opposed to one of the feebler coin-op conversions.

Soldier Of Light

Worth checking out if fun without frills appeals to you.


Again, a fun blast, but minus any graphic or sonic niceties. Arcade addicts and people who don't know what to blow their last two pounds on should be well pleased.


An outwardly unremarkable conversion which, despite its shortfalls, still provides a challenge for fans of the coin-op.

Julian Rignall

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