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Kai Temple
By Firebird
Spectrum 48K/Plus

Published in Your Sinclair #11

Kai Temple

Okay, I'm not going to go into lavish detail on the storyline here... we're talking Ninjas, leaping up and down platform levels, and savage kicks to the groin. Not one for the goolies, eh lads?

There are three platforms to negotiate and one Ninja to start off. Plan your kick and - Pow! - he dissolves into dust at your feet. And, as usual with this sort of game, getting your kick timed perfectly is all-important. But like all games of this type, kill one Ninja and two more take his place. And so on.

The graphics aren't going to stop the world, but they're not bad - if a little slow, when there are loads of things happening on screen; three Ninjas, a thrown knife, your character and a flying sword seem to place great strain on the usual speedy stuff you expect from this Kung Fu action. But one neat twist to the game is that the screen sometimes suddenly inverts and you find yourself and the enemy Ninjas upside-down.

You'll soon get the hang of when to kick the Ninjas to do them a real nasty and four lives are usually enough to give you a fighting chance. But if you're looking for a storyline - finding treasure or saving the princess of something - you can forget it.

Still, for two quid you could do worse - Firebird's Ninja Mastere for example! If you want five or six fancy kicks then look around for another game, but if you want to become a master of just one classic move - The K'i'ck I'n The Gro'i'n - then this is the game for you.

Luke C

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